House of Unknown – Heart

In the home of calamity; the fire that can be mirrored to the depthness of pacific ocean, is where I reside.
The answer to the query of origin is unknown.
What I am doing is unknown. My undoing is also unknown. The principles where I once stood firm and steady have burnt down into ashes. The trace of those ashes is unknown.
My inquiry is taken significant  and I become significant.
My inquiry becomes an abyss of unknown and I find myself into oblivion.
Days pass by; I look back and find no-thing behind.
Reason is standing at the hair-narrow bridge — As-Sirat. As soon as I walk down to the bridge, both of us descends under the force of gravity towards absolute nullity.
So reason has turned out to be a comedic soliloquy  where one is having a consequential discussion; waiting to end up into nothing but phantasm.
Right/Wrong, Virtue/Vice; all lost its effectiveness.
How/Why/What; best friends of reason. They  became like white light spectrum where a little change in angle can show different colours but nevertheless, standing behind it that white colour which is the symbolism of unknown.
Isn’t ‘Unknown’ another principle? – a fellow asks.
How can it be so? Where there is nothing to express. Where all expressions end.
Yes. Silence can be the description of unknown. But what to describe?
It’s the before, between and after of words.
It’s the space between the intervals of monologue happening in your mind.
A wise one entered and said;
“To live is to be drunk. To love is to be intoxicated.”
Perhaps — It is the place where whether you are in the flames of fire or seventh heaven; it is all unknown.


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