A skill- An art

Coming of age, like all, I have also been taught that “More skills result in the successful life”. After all, failing in one skill and moving to another for testing can turn out to be beneficial.

So, mechanism of mind started doing its research on skills. ‘What is skill? What is the use of it? Is there even any use?’ – you know, questions like that. Above all, eyes were ticked on the ending consequence – in other words, the final benefit.

21 years – Understanding of skills finally initiated their landing in the consciousness little by little.

“Skill could be the activity or reaction in which one can never fail.” – Did you notice? ‘Never fail’. Yeah, that was what it is exactly about. My definition was just too inflexible. I mean – ‘Never’ !? How could it be possible to never fail in expressing your skill, right? It could be that a person always perform his/her skill properly. But still, there has to be 1% probability where he/she can fall down from the perfect act of skill. However, searching of final benefit was the call of perfection.

Having professional title from education meant usage of skills to earn a bread for family or oneself. Since, most of us are addictive to attain our educational title for having luxurious life. Luxurious life? A life that I could live in the way I want. That’s where the skills I gained were meant to play their part – well, that was what I always thought. There is another group of skills that we beings are naturally equipped with – skills of dealing a personal life.

Woah! Personal life? The life in which we all face our actual difficulties or challenges that if dealt with wisdom can result in heaven or something like – orgasmic life. On the other hand, if dealt with the courage-less input can result in hell or something like – suicide. Now, that was where the real understanding was needed. How can I become the savior of every beloved that I have and solve their anxieties? – A real quest.

This search embedded its thirst to the extent that many sleepless and thorny nights were on their way to become my usual pattern of life. Why could it be like this? Why is this misery upon me? Why am I so weak? Why can’t I fulfill what my beloved ones wish for? These thoughts were my friends since many years. Then, year by year, they became my best friends that I couldn’t help myself from leaving them behind even for a single day. Such search can either follow an exceptional discovery or it can produce an exceptional misery.

After knowing all this, anyone can presume that I was able to found an exceptional skill in me which turned the tables. Yes, the search resulted in an astonishingly beautiful outcome. Why astonishingly beautiful? Because the skill that I found was a universal skill. Skill that every being has. Definitely, each one of us.

A skill of seeing. This is the skill that I found to be so well-placed in me which I overlooked since many years.

No matter what the situation was, be it an occasion of marriage or a seemingly never-ending nightmare. This skill was playing its role spontaneously without any effort at my part. Another appreciable characteristic about this skill was that it remained constant at every moment of life. Every moment was an air of change but my skill was as fresh as it was on its genesis. By seeing, it’s not only what eyes see but what mind perceives.

Countless nights sequenced by the repetition of feelings that became my inherent part caused an insight which showed me a skill that was dancing as I was dancing in life. Side by side, it was one with me. Now, realizing the skill was not enough. To master it was a need of the hour. The skill has to become my art and that required courage.

Seeing your mother crying; finding yourself unable to do anything but to just see all that was my asset. Now, courage had to play its role in order to make a skill into an art. But, how can it happen? This can only happen if you accept your divine skill wholeheartedly. A part of my search was to end this misery that I had wrapped myself into. In other words, the ending need out of this whole drama was freedom. To be free of these chains that I had bound myself into. So, I ended the whole drama by accepting the only skill that I was given by divine at the time of birth – A skill of seeing.


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